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Meet Coach Alisha

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My fitness journey began as a result of growing up in an environment that didn't always promote healthy choices. My grandmother was my best friend and we bonded over food. Our favorite places to visit were either a buffet or had "all you can eat" in the title. I spent a significant portion of my life overlooking my physical well-being.

After graduating college and entering the professional world, I found myself unsure of my passions or purpose. One day, I made up my mind that I no longer wanted to be dissatisfied with both my career AND my body.

Admittedly, I began my fitness journey with a focus on vanity, specifically hoping to attain a six pack and a nice butt. But what I discovered was so much more rewarding: the transformative effects of exercise on my overall well-being.

For me, being a personal trainer is more than just a job. I believe it's my calling to inspire and guide individuals towards their best selves. Having personally experienced the transformative power of an active lifestyle, I'm driven to share this newfound passion with as many people as possible.

Training with me, you'll receive emotional support, empathy, and guidance to help lead a more fulfilling and joyous life. Most importantly, I will hold you accountable throughout the process.


While training with me may not always be what you consider "fun," I can assure you that the process will be worthwhile. Your physical health is crucial to your overall wellness, and I'm here to help you reach your full potential while navigating life's challenges.

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